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Dr. Alex Rollrasen from Döbrichau

Our grass is always greener!

Züllsdorfer Str. 13/14
04886 Döbrichau

Gutshof 7
14641 Paulinaue

Tel.: +49 (35365) 2783
Fax: +49 (35365) 35542

Turf from Döbrichau in Saxony

New in 2005

  • Please, use our automatic equiry form to receive a quote on your individual turf request.
  • Delivery and installation of large turf rolls (60 cm wide, length as required).
  • Thick sod (3.5 - 4 cm thick) for renovation of goalie boxes (each slab at 60 x 80 cm). Your football pitch can be played on again immediately.
  • Customised landscaping in your garden: from design to completion.
Large turf roll Thick sod slabs

Large turf roll

Thick sod slabs


Design of private garden by civil engineer Christiane Alex.

Turf - A Quality Product with a Multitude of Advantages

  • Football pitches, play grounds and golf courses.
  • Public parks and commercial areas.
  • Private gardens and lawns.
  • Slopes, dams and roadsides.
  • Turfed tram lines, rain storage reservoirs.
  • Penthouse gardens.
  • Exhibition areas.

In comparison to sowing grass, turf has the following advantages:

  • Turf can be installed all year round in frost-free weather.
  • Turfed areas are accessible immediately after installation.
  • Football pitches are durable 4-6 weeks after turf installation.
  • Installing turf is an effective way to reduce weeds.
  • Turf stops wind and water erosion on slopes.
  • Turf is the only alternative for a fast renovation of goalie boxes on football pitches during the summer break.
Semper Oper Berlin

Dresden, promotion "Sempergrün" in cooperation with architect Herman Grub (Munich).

Berlin August Bebel Platz, turf promotion in cooperation with architect Herman Grub (Munich).

Elbedeich Oderdeich

Turf installations on the dikes of the river Elbe ...

... and Oder.

Turf Production in Döbrichau

We cultivate turf on flat, stone-free and sandy soil with high water permeability (see Grain Size Distribution Curve Döbrichau). From 1992 to 2004, we have produced more than 2.5 million m˛ of turf of the following varieties:

  • Sport turf (RSM 3.1)
  • Play and common use turf (RSM 2.1 und 2.3)
  • Landscape turf (RSM 7.1)

Since 2002, we have also offered shade turf, golf course turf and rooftop turf.

Our turf production is an environmental friendly process based on the principles of ecologically integrated cultivation in a two-year rotation of crops, alternating with green and organic manure. We water our turf by means of two Bauer irrigation systems. Since the draught in 2000, each of these 420 m long linear irrigation systems operates on 25 ha of land.

Turf cultivation under continental, central German climate conditions leads to excellent turf growth at the installation sites. We guarantee short order times and quick deliveries. We react on short notice in case of unexpected weather conditions such as heavy rainfall at the building site.

Wrapping pallets Harvesting for Prague

Wrapping the pallets.

Harvesting turf for Prague.

Hytek harvester Irrigation system

Hytek 95 harvester.

420m long Bauer irrigation system on Döbrichau's turf.

Harvesting turf in winter Turf for Vienna

Harvesting turf in winter for the International Green Week Berlin.

Loading turf for Vienna.

Grain Size Distribution Curve Döbrichau

The soil conditions of our cultivated areas correspond to those stated in DIN 18035, Germany's official soil conditions required for growing turf. The water permeability amounts to 2.35 x 10-4 m/sec according to the DIN 18130-1.

Grain size distribution curve Grain size distribution curve

Grain size distribution curve and water permeability of the turf soils in Döbrichau, analysis dated 26/06/2002.

The soil composition therefore guarantees ideal drainage which allows sport fields to be reused shortly after heavy rainfall. This was approved by Consagros (Switzerland):

"Der Fertigrasen selber hat sich als sehr durchlässig erwiesen - der Anteil Schlämmkorn lag bei nur 6% beim Einbau - und ist schnell mit der Tragschicht verwurzelt.", W.Rosser, Consagros.

Installation Instructions [pdf]

By opting for turf, you chose a high quality product which allows the use of lawns in best time.

Step-by-step instructions for self-installation:

1. Prior to installation:

  • Remove old sod, weeds and stones and prepare a levelled and compact surface.
  • Keep soil level approximately 2 cm below the surrounding grounds which is particularly important at edges bordering on sidewalks or driveways.
  • Apply 35 g/m˛ of lawn establishment fertiliser.
  • Measure the size of the area you want to turf and order the required amount (see Prices).

2. During installation:

  • Turf should be installed immediately after delivery (no later than 48 hours after its harvest).
  • Lay turf rolls in a brickwork pattern and roll sod with an 80 kg roller to ensure complete sod-to-soil contact.
  • Use a sharp knife to trim the edges of the sod to fit the landscape.
  • Water thoroughly immediately after laying the turf with approximately 20 l/m˛ (also after rainfall).
Laying turf

Laying turf.

3. Subsequent to installation:

  • Keep turf moist until the new grass is well rooted.
  • Carefully mow the grass approximately 2 weeks after installation at a height of 4cm and subsequently at a height 3.5 cm.
  • Further maintenance of the new lawn includes mowing the grass every 8 to 14 days as well as watering and fertilising depending on respective requirements and intended lawn use.

Unlike sowing seed, turf can also be installed successfully in frost-free winter conditions. Once installed and rooted, turf cannot be damaged by cold spells.

Difference between turf and sowing seed

Difference between turf (left) and sowing seed (right).