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Dr. Alex Rollrasen from Döbrichau

Our grass is always greener!

Züllsdorfer Str. 13/14
04886 Döbrichau

Gutshof 7
14641 Paulinaue

Tel.: +49 (35365) 2783
Fax: +49 (35365) 35542


Turf for Sport Facilities

  • We offer sport turf (DIN 18035). As turf experts, we are ready to advise any interested sports club. Our turf leads to home strong footfall.
  • We also deliver thick sod (3.5 - 4 cm thick) for the renovation of goalie boxes (each slab at 60 cm x 80 cm). Your football pitch can be played on immediately.
  • Our turf has already been installed at sport facilities in Aue, Leipzig, Oschatz, Remptengrün near Plauen, Beilrode, Süptitz, Torgau, Gera, Rotkreuz, Hohenmölsen, Stendal, Aken, Nürtingen near Stuttgart, Tenero (Schwitzerland), Oschersleben, Berlin Mariendorf, the rugby stadium Weißensee and in the sport schools of Cologne and Cottbus.
Stadium in Aue Sport centre in Tenero

Turf for the stadium in Aue.

Sport centre in Tenero (Switzerland).

thick sod Torraumsanierung

Thick sod for goalie boxes.

Harvesting thick sod rolls for
the renovation of goalie boxes.

Turf for Public Parks and Castle Terraces

  • Turf is ideal for public parks. The area turns green at once, avoiding long waiting for seeds to sprout.
  • We received a silver medal for our turf at the IGA 2003 in Rostock. There, we installed a total of 44,000 m² of turf in only 4 weeks.
  • You can enjoy a picnic on our turf outside the German parliament in Berlin, in the Great Garden in Dresden, the garden of Hradcany Castle in Prague or on the terraces of Castle Wackerbarth.
IGA Rostock Berlin Reichstag

Our turf at the IGA 2003 in Rostock.

Turf installation in front of the Berlin Reichstag on behalf of JULIWA-HESA, Heidelberg.

Dresden's Zwinger Great Garden Dresden

Our turf in the inner courtyard of Dresden's Zwinger.

Turf installation in the Great Garden in Dresden.

Turf for Prague Wine castle

Garden of Hradcany Castle in Prague.

Caslte Wackerbarth, Radebeul.

Turf is Protecting the Environment

  • Newest research shows that installing turf on dykes is ideal to protect them from floods. In 2004, turf, fibre mats and grass seeds were installed along the river Elbe. Four weeks later, a further flood occurred which allows you to make a direct comparison between the use of turf and other means of proctection.
  • Our turf is also extremely well suited for ecological renaturation of water retention areas.
turf after flood

Turf after floods: the dyke is protected already 4 weeks after
turf installation and little waste accumulates.

fibre mats after flood Grass seeds after flood

Fibre mats after floods: the dyke is
protected but large amounts of rubbish accumulate.

Grass seeds after floods: upto 30 cm of
soil erosion.

dike of the river Elbe dike of the river Saale

Our turf on the dykes of the river Elbe ...

... and the river Saale.

turf on dyke water retention area

Turf installations on dykes.

Water retention area Glesien (A9).

Turfed Tram Lines

  • We have already installed turfed tram lines in Dresden Neustadt, Leipzig, Chemnitz and Erfurt.
  • In 2004/05, we have conducted extensive tests in cooperation with Dresdner Verkehrsbetrieben (Dresden's public transport organisation) and Dresden's University of Applied Science in order to develop a grass seed mixture with improved heat resistence in summer. The new mixture contains a larger proportion of sheep's fescue and has been applied since 2006.
turf test series turf test series

Grass seed mixture test series ...

... in Dresden.

Turfed tram line Turfed tram line

Turfed tram line in Dresden during installation.

Turfed tram line in Dresden one year on.

Design of Private Gardens

  • Specifically for private house owners, we offer individual design starting from the idea. We can put the finished design into reality while implementing your personal imagination.
  • We have already designed a diverse range of private gardens and parks in commercial and residential areas including at the financial center in Erfurt, IKEA Dresden, McDonalds in Merseburg and Burghausen, as well as in residential areas in Delitzsch, Bad Düben, Merseburg, Dresden and hotel grounds in Bitterfeld, Wolfsburg and Engelau.
turf in the American Embassy

Turf in the garden of the American Embassy in Berlin.

design pegau

Private garden design by Christiane Alex-Kretzschmar.

Garden design in Pegau.

switzerland zwethau

During the turf installation in a private garden
in Switzerland.

Turf and reed bed installations for pond water purification
in a private garden in Zwethau.

residential park residential area

Plantation at residential area in Martinshöhe.

Turf installations at residential area in Engelau/Schleswig Holstein.

  • Turf installations at airports: Leipzig/Halle and Dresden Klotzsche.
Leipzig/Halle Airport

Turf installation at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

  • Parks in rehabilitation clinics: Bavaria clinic in Dresden/Kreischa, Teltow, Brandis and Leipzig.
  • Turf for exhibitions and other events: Stage settings for the Folk Music TV shows in Chemnitz, Hof, Magdeburg, Dürnbirn/Austria, Expo Hanover, Green Week Berlin, Camping and Leisure Exhibition at the New Trade Fair in Leipzig, exhibition stand at the Fashion Fair Leipzig, spring decorations at shopping centres in Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz, Berlin as well as Leipzig's main train station.
Spring Folk Music Festival 2003 Spring exhibition in Leipzig

Turf for the stage decoration for the Spring Folk Music Festival 2003 (ARD) on behalf of Blumen-Linke, Leipzig.

Turf at the spring exhibition "House-Leisure-Garden" in Leipzig.

Expo Hanover Leipzig's main train station

Turf at the Expo Hanover.

Easter decoration in Leipzig's main train station.

  • Turf for golf courses: Possendorf, Neuseddin, Strausberg and Langenenzersdorf (Austria).
Golf course

Turf for golf courses.

  • Show gardens at exhibitions: Glesien, Zwenkau and Taubenhain.
  • Lawns at leisure pools: Schildau, Lommatzsch, Dorfhain, Bad Laußig and Oschatz.

Turf for paddocks and equestrian arenas

  • We provide turf for equestrian arenas and paddocs to repair damaged areas instantly.

Turf for paddocks and equestrian arenas.

Our Garden and Landscaping Services

In addition to the production and installation of turf, we also provide planting and maintenance services in the garden and landscape sector:

  • Plantation of 250 big trees and installation of 60 ha of turf in the central and southern areas of Leipzig/Halle Airport.
Leipzig/Halle Airport Leipzig/Halle Airport

Trees at Leipzig/Halle Airport - 1 year after plantation.

Trees at Leipzig/Halle Airport - 3 years after plantation.

  • Residential areas: Seehausen and Martinshöhe in Leipzig.
  • Tree plantations along streets: B2 Leipzig, Torgau-Nordstraße, Knüppelsdorf's main street, Poststraße Leipzig, Döbeln, Ostrau, Borna.
Tree plantation Bonsai plantation

Tree plantation along the B2 Leipzig near the Dresdner Bank.

Roundabout in Döbeln - Bonsai plantation.

  • Tree plantations along cycling paths: Elbe cycle path - Belgern, from Torgau to Dommitzsch, Außig, Großbardau-Kleinbardau.
Elbe cycling path Linden avenue

Elbe cycling path near Torgau.

Linden avenue along the cycle path Großbardau-Kleinbardau.

Further interesting projects are the recreation of the historical herb garden of the chemist Kraich in Torgau for Dr. Hancke and his family and the recreation of the park in Pülswerda Castle near Torgau.

Herb garden

Herb garden Dr.Hancke, Torgau - 1 year after plantation.

Reed beds for local water purification

Since 1994, the waste water from our company buildings is purified completely biologically by means of a self-installed reed bed and then reused for irrigation. Since then, this installation operates all year round with purification performances of up to 99% even in winter.

Reed bed in summer Reed bed in winter

Reed bed in summer.

Reed bed in winter.

5-7 m² of phragmite reed bed (depending on the number of residents) ensure the complete degradation of all pollutants and germs in the waste water. The purified water is clear, odourless and practically drinkable.

The 60 cm deep bed is filled with recycling material, particularly with red brick 10/56. The porous nature of the gravel bed is thereby combined with the high sorption of the pond soil bed.

Input and output links are constructed in such a way that the water can be piped in and out within the carrier material which guarantees absolute odourlessness and frost resistance even at -20 degrees C.

The installation of pre-cultivated phragmite coir matting allows an immediate high purification performance. The rhizomes of the phramite reed, which are filled with air, enable the development of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in a small space which carry out the complete degradation of pollutants all year round.

A large quantity of water evaporates through the reed leaves. The remaining purified water can be reused for irrigation as part of an adequate soil treatment. Therefore, no pollutants and no waste water enter the receiving water or ground water and the reed bed represents an environmentally valuable wet biotope.

According to our model, we have built more than 25 reed beds since 1995, which all work correctly and cost-effectively. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to discharge waste water into the central waste water system, particularly in sparsely populated areas and on individual properties.


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